Earth Cycle

Earth Cycle

Earth Cycle is a brand new TV format from 1080 Media TV and adventure travel journalist Simon Parker. Series One, shot in Sweden and
Norway, sees Simon embark upon a 2,000 mile / 3,500 KM cycling adventure from the North Cape to Smygehuk – the full length of the
Scandinavian Peninsula. On his journey, Simon charts the seasonal cycles of the natural world, as summer is transitioning into autumn.

Earth Cycle
  • Earth Cycle | E1

    Simon begins his journey at the North Cape – the northernmost point of the Scandinavian Peninsula in wild, wet and windy conditions.
    In this episode he helps a local king crab fisherman pull in pots from the Arctic Ocean, then sleeps in the boat shed of a pair of bemused
    but friendly locals and l...

  • Earth Cycle | E2

    In Swedish Lapland, Simon witnesses early season northern lights with the help of a Sami guide. Together they discuss the natural world
    as the aurora swirls overhead, accompanied by Arctic Char soup and coffee (with cheese). In Jokkmokk he meets a wild food expert to
    learn about seasonal berries ...

  • Earth Cycle | E3

    Continuing on his journey south through the mesmerising landscapes of Sweden, Simon camps in huge and isolated forests before then
    meeting two men who have been fishing for lamprey on the same river for more than 50 years. Setting the traps at dusk, they return to
    find and then feast upon, 300 th...